Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Archangels: Part 4

Of all the Blood Angels, I like the background of Mephiston the most. This talented and noble warrior fighting in the biggest battle of his life on Armageddon, but falling victim to the Black Rage, and eventually being buried alive under tonnes of rubble. Instead of dying though, he was literally so pissed off, he beat off the psychotic madness of the Rage, and in a proper Hulk-Smash moment, burst free from tonnes (yes tonnes!) of rock as an even more superhuman version of the already superhuman Marines...

But, whilst there are some very good bits, the old metal model really doesnt do him justice (God, that should be a slogan or something...) since it is hampered by the technology of the day, and has a broom up its arse.
(plus, really didn't suit the complete powerhouse the new 'dex turned him into...)
So, ready for this?
I built my own.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Hi, Im JP and Im addicted to Plastic Crack

Well, apologies for the lack of activity recently, dont you hate it when Real Life rears its ugly head?
But, its all good, my girlfriend and I have a new house to move into in a few weeks, I (finally) got paid, and I got to buy some new shiny things...

So, onto the aforementioned new shiny things!

Also, Ive had some lucky eBay purchases and some bits box scrounging/recycling recently too, so I now have on the table:

For the Angels:
A trio of Land Speeders, including 2 LS Storms to be converted up to be Typhoons.
Another Drop Pod
Some objective markers, including a truely awesome Skullz Iwo Jima diorama...

For the Vampires (which I still need to show here):
A pack of old Necrarch Vampires
Some more ghouls and zombies (always want more...)
My personal favourite, the one and only Heinrich Kemmler (and Krell too...), him with the super awesome hat.

For the fledgling Empire Army:
More artillery :)
An Imperial-style Ogre Maneater for unit filler
Another warrior priest, this time the Mordheim one.

And, Iv been bitten by the New Army bug, and bought a whole host of Tomb Kings stuff over the past two months, so
For the Tomb Kings:
The old school Battalion, before GW decided an extra 8 skeletons warranted a £20 price hike
another 4 Chariots (one for the king)
6 metal Tomb Guard, a Liche Priest and a Tomb Herald (won in a lucky ebay auction for under £10)
Tomb King
and yesterday bought myself the new Army Book
the Necrosphinx!

I cant wait to get stuck in to this lot, but Im not sure where to start! Bear in mind that this is about half of what I have, and only covers the stuff I bought in the last two months. I do still have a (mostly unbuilt) Empire Army to finish (start!). But I do love my undead armies...

Also, yesterday I was at the grand opening of a new LGS in Northern Ireland, Creative Destruction, and had a great day out! I will hopefully be getting a good bit more gaming in. Im also very very tempted to start Warmachine too...

But sorry for the wall of text, I hope you managed to stick with it the whole way through, and I promise the next post will have plenty of pictures. But of what?

I pose a question to you then. Would you like:

Archangels Part 4


The Vampire Counts rise

which would you would prefer to see..?

thanks for reading