Monday, 24 December 2012

40k For The New Year

Well, Im bitten by the bug again, Im wanting a simple 2k Imperial Guard army for 2013, and Im hoping some of the more tactically minded 40k players could advise me on how this looks.
Now, I know 'the internetz' has a hard-on for melta-vets, but Im thinking with the following airborne army, splitting it into 2 melta squads, 2 plasma (one each of stormies and veterans) wouldnt be a bad thing either.
Anyhoo, onto the list:

Monday, 17 December 2012

Blog Updated, new shiny pics available...

So, nothing for a year and now two posts in less than a week!
Basically, this is a quick post to showcase some of the changes Iv put in.

No Longer is this blog known as "Of Angels and Heroes", as I have simply moved on from the Blood Angels, (the original plan) and instead I plan to showcase more of my own work, not only the commissions and sculpting work I do, but my personal armies, gaming I get up to, and general hobby-related banter.

So, Of Angels and Heroes, Requiescat In Pace.

But now, I find myself without a name! Does anyone have any suggestions???
A placeholder will be "The Empire's Finest Feathery Hats", but I need something better from you guys...

(Also, if you look to the right, you will find a number of new pages, where I have finally got around to uploading a truckload of pictures from the past few months)

ta ta for now


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report Ogres v Warriors of Chaos.

Well, its only been a year!, still, 12/12/12 is an auspicious day to restart eh?
anyway, for the past year, Iv been getting massively into my fantasy, and today Im going to share some with you...

So, to set the scene, me and my buddy Joe have a long bloody rivalry, with my beloved Empire seeing his warriors off in clouds of smoke, feathers and moustache wax. However, recently I decided to start a new army, and settling on Ogres, I decided to make a decent list, that was the polar opposite of my Empire (NO cannons, in fact no gunpowder units at all, and monsters where possible)

So, last night, Joe challenged me, to meet his Iron Legion face to face, to test gut against plate.
We drew up lists:

2400 Ogre Kingdoms

Slaughtermaster - 355
-lvl4, silvered steel armour, dispel scroll

Firebelly - 207
-lvl2, hellheart, ahw
Bruiser BSB - 193
-ironfist, heavy armour, razor standard

2x10 Gnoblar Trappers - 50/50
2x10 Gnoblars - 25/25
9 Ironguts - fc, standard of discipline - 432
12 Bulls - fc, ironfists, lookout - 419

4 Mournfang - ironfists, heavy armour, FC, dragonhide banner - 360
1 sabretusk - 21

Thundertusk - 250

to face

Tzeentch Sorceror Lord - 410
-lvl4, MoT, third eye, staff of sorcery, bronze armour of Zhrakk, tali of preservation

Sorceror - 120
-lvl2, Lore of Fire
Exalted BSB - 195
-Ogre Blade, charmed shield, MoT, BSB

15 Warriors - 323
-AHWs, std, musician, Banner of Rage, MoN
15 Warriors - 290
-Shields, FC, MoT
5 Marauder Horsemen - 65

10 Chaos Knights - 475
-std, musician, standard of discipline, MoK
6 Ogres - 380
-FC, chaos armour, GW, MoN

Warshrine - 150

So, with the armies ready, the scenario rolled (Watchtower), and the terrain set up, twas time to start...

So, with Joe winning the roll off to control the tower, we deployed as such. I cant speak for him, but my strategy was mainly whittle the warriors in the tower down with the AP bulls, clean up the rest of the board with the Ironguts and Mournfang, annoying with gnoblars and supporting with the Thundertusk. Knowing I had no shooting, or real offensive magic, his characters were out alone, obviously planning on getting his Exalted BSB into the tower ASAP.