Thursday, 13 December 2012

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report Ogres v Warriors of Chaos.

Well, its only been a year!, still, 12/12/12 is an auspicious day to restart eh?
anyway, for the past year, Iv been getting massively into my fantasy, and today Im going to share some with you...

So, to set the scene, me and my buddy Joe have a long bloody rivalry, with my beloved Empire seeing his warriors off in clouds of smoke, feathers and moustache wax. However, recently I decided to start a new army, and settling on Ogres, I decided to make a decent list, that was the polar opposite of my Empire (NO cannons, in fact no gunpowder units at all, and monsters where possible)

So, last night, Joe challenged me, to meet his Iron Legion face to face, to test gut against plate.
We drew up lists:

2400 Ogre Kingdoms

Slaughtermaster - 355
-lvl4, silvered steel armour, dispel scroll

Firebelly - 207
-lvl2, hellheart, ahw
Bruiser BSB - 193
-ironfist, heavy armour, razor standard

2x10 Gnoblar Trappers - 50/50
2x10 Gnoblars - 25/25
9 Ironguts - fc, standard of discipline - 432
12 Bulls - fc, ironfists, lookout - 419

4 Mournfang - ironfists, heavy armour, FC, dragonhide banner - 360
1 sabretusk - 21

Thundertusk - 250

to face

Tzeentch Sorceror Lord - 410
-lvl4, MoT, third eye, staff of sorcery, bronze armour of Zhrakk, tali of preservation

Sorceror - 120
-lvl2, Lore of Fire
Exalted BSB - 195
-Ogre Blade, charmed shield, MoT, BSB

15 Warriors - 323
-AHWs, std, musician, Banner of Rage, MoN
15 Warriors - 290
-Shields, FC, MoT
5 Marauder Horsemen - 65

10 Chaos Knights - 475
-std, musician, standard of discipline, MoK
6 Ogres - 380
-FC, chaos armour, GW, MoN

Warshrine - 150

So, with the armies ready, the scenario rolled (Watchtower), and the terrain set up, twas time to start...

So, with Joe winning the roll off to control the tower, we deployed as such. I cant speak for him, but my strategy was mainly whittle the warriors in the tower down with the AP bulls, clean up the rest of the board with the Ironguts and Mournfang, annoying with gnoblars and supporting with the Thundertusk. Knowing I had no shooting, or real offensive magic, his characters were out alone, obviously planning on getting his Exalted BSB into the tower ASAP.

Spells rolled were:

Slaughtermaster: -Spinemarrow / Toothcracker / Bullgorger / Trollguts
Firebelly: -Fireball / Flaming Sword

Lvl4 Tzeentch: -Flickering Fire / Treason of Tzeentch / Call to Glory / Infernal Gateway
Lvl2 Fire: -Fireball / Flaming Sword

Ogre Turn 1:
I move up across the field, hold off on the charges for now.
Winds of Magic are kind, 9-5. I get a boosted Trollguts off, followed by a super boosted Fireball onto the Tzeentch guys in the tower. 9 hits and 7 wounds later, he would go and make 5 saves/wards. I kill 2.
Thundertusk fluffs the shooting, and no combat.

Chaos Turn 1:
His BSB makes a beeline for the tower, the rest of his army moves to engage. Knights head up to flank the Ironguts, Nurgles to take on the mournfang.
Thanks to his third eye, I dispel his attempt to cast Trollguts, but an Infernal Gateway gets off, thankfully only causing 4 S7 hits (this would prove to be the only lucky IG I would face), killing an Irongut.

Ogre Turn 2:
The bulls charge in, with the BSB and Firebelly making way to the fight. The sabertusk runs over to divert the Knights, and the trappers head to block the Nurgle Warriors, followed by the Mournfang doing what they do so well, lookin' ominous and whatnot. Magic was uneventful, with a tiny roll meaning my Flaming Sword was dispelled. Gnoblars flung their stones and whatnot, knocking 2 Horsemen into the dirt.
In combat, I accepted his challenge with my champion, who yelled at each other for a bit (no wounds). Thanks to the nearby Thundertusk and its ASL bubble, my Bruiser smacked one warrior down, the Firebelly another 3 (the breathweapon rolled snake eyes for hits). In return, both the belly and bruiser took a single wound. I win, but with Ld9 and a re-roll, they werent going anywhere...

Chaos Turn 2:
The knights declare a charge, and my saber elects to flee (in hindsight this was a mistake). I make it away, the knights dont catch and move up 6" with tons of space to manoeuvre  (Had I not fled, then the ensuing wipeout would have had them face first in the building and out for two turns, rather than free to act next turn.) The Nurgiors fail to charge the Mournfang (needing a 7). Magic wise, I dispel another trollguts, but an Irresistible flaming sword on the tower Tzeeniors leaves me dry. The lone wizard shrugs off the Detonation too. The Warshrine gives a +1S boon to the Chaos Ogres too.

Ogre Turn 3:
Its charges across the board for me! The Mournfang smash into the Nurgiors, the right-Trappers charge the Sorceror Lord, the Bulls charge the tower, and a middle unit of Gnoblars charge the marauder horses.
Flaming sword is once again dispelled, but a Bullgorger and Toothcracker get through on the Bulls.
On the right, the Mournfang do that other job they are excellent at, smashing things. Taking only one wound (thanks to rerolling 1s), I dish out 10 unsaved wounds in total, breaking the Nurgiors and running them down. 2 Gnoblars die to the Sorc Lord, but I hold. I kill a Horseman, losing two in return, so its a drawn combat there. Against the tower, The Firebelly takes the unit champions challenge, but I fluff the combat. No challenge wounds, I kill two guys in total, but my Bull champ dies, and the bruiser takes 2 wounds himself (1 left). I lose, but pass my Ld test.

Chaos Turn 3:
Knights fail the frenzy test, so charge the trappers (losing one to a terrain test). The Warshrine charges the other gnoblars, who flee 2". They are caught, run down, and instead the Warshrine continues into the Ironguts. The Chaos Ogres reform to face the Mournfang (they worry me at this point)
Its now that I use the hellheart, but a 10" range means his lvl2 is safely out of range. However, his Lvl4 miscast result is a detonation, which just kills three engaged Gnoblars.
The bad news is that the following Irresistible Infernal Gateway caused 3 hits on the Thundertusk, at strength 11! Bye Bye my ASL-giver...
So, combat. The Marauders kill 2 Gnoblars, but I take one with me, and I manage to hold despite losing. The Sorceror Lord kills another Gnoblar, but again I hold. The Warshrine does 2 wounds, but my 2 caused in return win me the combat. He holds. Oh, and the Knights vs Gnoblars? I win. Well, no. Im massacred. Luckily, they overrun 11", just 1" away from the flank of the Ironguts. (Joe actually did this combat first, hoping he would make it into the Ironguts and fight again, but no...)

Ogre Turn 4:
Mournfang run around to get out of the Chaos Ogre charge arc. The Bulls once again charge the tower.
With only 4 power dice, I get a boosted Trollguts off.
In combat land, I kill the last Marauder with the Gnoblars and reform around. The Ironguts luckily kill the Warshrine, and reform to face the point-blank Knights. My Bruiser survives the champions challenge, killing him in return. Thanks to trollguts, I take no wounds and kill one warrior, but still they hold!

Chaos Turn 4:
The Knights charge, and Chaos Ogres bite the bullet and reform to face the oncoming Mournfang. I scroll the Flaming sword, hoping to stop his 6-dice Trollguts I know is coming. But he double-6s it, losing 2 levels in the process. Thankfully, the knights are out of range.
In combat, I regenerate all but 3 of the wounds caused, and dish out 7 wounds in return, wiping out the Knights and reforming to flank the Ogres.

Ogre Turn 5:
The game continues, and I kick off by yet again charging the tower with the Bulls (only 6 guys left!), and the Ironguts into the Chaos Ogres.
I fail my casting of boosting Trollguts, but I get an IF flaming sword off on the bulls, hopefully it will be enough.
The Ironguts take 4 wounds from the Chaos Ogres, but I dish out eight, breaking them and running them down, running right into the Sorceror Lord.
At the tower, I make a mistake and move the BSB into base contact instead of the healthy Firebelly. I suffer 3 wounds on the bulls, and the final wound is also taken off the BSB. I dole out 4 wounds as well, winning the combat thanks to the bellower. BUT CHAOS HOLD! With two models left!

Chaos Turn 5:
By this point, Chaos have three units left (just 4 models!). The Lvl2 moves down to fireball the Gnoblars, killing three and making them flee. I dispel Infernal Gateway.
In combat, the Sorceror Lord challenges, the Irongut champ accepts. I cause 2 wounds, but the fether holds on snake eyes! These are the most tenacious Warriors ever...

Ogre Turn 6:
Again the game continues, again I charge the tower with the Bulls. The Mournfang charge the Lvl2 sorceror, who flees.
Toothcracker on the Bulls is the only spell I get off, which helps me only take 1 wound in the tower assault. In return, I deal one wound to the BSB, AND THEY STILL HOLD! No Impact hits and only three Ogres getting to fight is crippling me in this game!

Chaos Turn 6:
Down to a complete lack of options, with his Sorceror continuing to flee, Joe goes hell for leather, throwing all dice at a Infernal Gateway. 7 hits, and double 6s for strength later, and I lose my Mournfang unit. His final wound is lost to the miscast too. So some silver lining.

And with that, the dice roll came up a 5, meaning there was no turn 7! Just as well, chances are I would have bounced off the tower anyway...

Chaos Win

It was a brilliantly fun game overall, it seemed every single fight went my way, except the one that actually mattered. If I was going again, I might have sent the IG into the tower, and sent the Bulls left. but I doubted they would have had the safe effectiveness. His Infernal Gateways were very lucky though.

So, any comments/suggestions? If anyone is interested, I'll try and get another one done with my Empire...


  1. Aye, it only took me a year!
    So, did you follow the report, or is Fantasy still over your head?