Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Im Still Alive...

Well, its been far too long since I've updated this, (work, bereavement, work, and certain interwebz drama) but I've not been completely inactive all this time! Work has continued at what can only be described as a haphazard pace, but still, at least there is progress!

Firstly, a Fantasy update:

How important is the background, or "fluff" to you? Personally, when it comes to 40k, I may start with noble intentions but I end up with a mix of "What I Like" and "What Is Best". However, when it comes to WFB, I get sucked into the story a lot more. Perhaps it comes from being more of a fantasy-book guy than a sci-fi guy, I dunno. Alls I knows is, when it comes to a Fantasy army, I like mine to have (even a rudimentry) theme/character/a reason.

As you may know, The Empire is made up of several Provinces, and I have decided to draw my Empire army from 3 provinces. Stirland, Ostermark and Averland This will enable me to get a nice range of colours in the army, but keep overall unity for the army. from a fluff point of view, the fact that all three provinces border Sylvania, and and could fight my vampires is just an added bonus!

Breaking it down, Stirland is the rustic, backwards province, and as such will provide the green and yellow-garbed militia, archers and one raving warrior priest. Being a war-weary, hard bitten province, Ostermark will be providing the backbone of the army, the infantry and leadership cadre in the finest purple and yellow. Finally,the wealth of Averland wealth will be used to provide the Artillery and gunpowder regiments for the force.