Sunday, 23 October 2011

TrueScale Deathwatch Marines

I'm jumping on the True Scale bandwagon!

This time, to keep it simple and small, Im just going to be doing a 8-10 man Deathwatch Squad, with possibly a scaled up Dread too.

Plan is to do Captain/Libby/Assault Trooper(2)/Heavy Troop(1)/Tacticals(3+)

anyway, before the tl:dr, here are some pics of the first two builds, and one of them painted.



and Painted up:

As you can see, the heavy guy is of the Imperial Fist persuasion, and the other completed Marine is a Wolf. Just waiting on some more Terminator Pads to continue the project...

any suggestions for Chapters to represent? I certainly want an Ultramarine, an Angel and a White Scar in there, so there are up to 5 slots free...