Sunday, 23 October 2011

TrueScale Deathwatch Marines

I'm jumping on the True Scale bandwagon!

This time, to keep it simple and small, Im just going to be doing a 8-10 man Deathwatch Squad, with possibly a scaled up Dread too.

Plan is to do Captain/Libby/Assault Trooper(2)/Heavy Troop(1)/Tacticals(3+)

anyway, before the tl:dr, here are some pics of the first two builds, and one of them painted.



and Painted up:

As you can see, the heavy guy is of the Imperial Fist persuasion, and the other completed Marine is a Wolf. Just waiting on some more Terminator Pads to continue the project...

any suggestions for Chapters to represent? I certainly want an Ultramarine, an Angel and a White Scar in there, so there are up to 5 slots free...


  1. Oooo... Do a Dark Angel... just for me!

    Nice work!

  2. U.A.A, cheers mate.
    And Captain, since its you... What was it Kellen's armed with again? Apart from his large "hammer"?

  3. Hello there Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner on DAKKA DAKKA. Do you have a Facebook page as this is probably the best way for us to organise something in the near future.

    or you can leave a message on my blog if you're up for it.