Sunday, 20 March 2011

Inauguration Day

To take inspiration from certain film, "Now I have a Blog-Gun, Ho Ho Ho...

So, yeah. I'm trying this out, at the suggestion of a good 'net buddy of mine, and who knows where it will go. Firstly, about me. Like a significant percentage of UK-based pre-teen boys, I was introduced to Games Workshop at the age of 10, started "collecting" (now, I use that term loosely. If you can call "scrounging money of my parents to buy soldiers to then smother them in paint, then yes, I collected), and subsequently stopped collecting.

I never lost interest though. It was always in the back of my mind, like a pervasive mental itch. Older, wiser gamers than myself call it "The Bug", and rarely speak of it. 

Anyway, onto more present days. Started a new army, Tyranids, 3rd edition. Finished it around the time 4th edition came out. Happily found out that the army I had put together with virtually no clue suddenly was very very powerful, and proceeded to game the days away. Then 5th ed happened. I stopped the Nids, throwing the typical tantrum based on "My army was so good, now they want me to spend £400 to get it back up to the same competetive level! Go away"

Then I started 7th ed Fantasy. And oh boy, this was a new world. Straight away, I was drawn to the brand new Vampire Counts. Dark, menacing, brooding, evil in a way Peter Cushing could only dream of. Oh yeah, I was hooked. I now am the very proud owner of around 7000 points of Vampys, and whilst I would love to go back and re-do the whole army, The Bug had been fed, and he wanted moar...

Fast forward I wanted to do Marines. They were the first ever army I did (surprise?) and dammit, I was gonna do them again! How happy I was to hear that the Blood Angels were getting a new codex!

I decided to try a new angle though. Rather than make an army that would win every game ever, I decided to make one that would look pretty, and be fun, and tell a bit of a story on the tabletop.
Having now built and painted 2500 points of Bangles, and taking time and care over them all, I decided I needed a different project, and run them side by side. And lo! The Empire were chosen! (To tell the truth, I was torn between the VC and the Empire from day one, and now, guns are calling me...)

Enough history. What will you find here? well, some old things, some new things, some WIP things, and some friends' things. This will most likely be a hobby blog. I dont game massively anymore, but I try to get the odd Battle Report written up when I do.. I'm a painter and a converter, plus a bit of a budding sculptor on the side. I ramble a bit sometimes. I dunno really! I guess Im gonna do things my way for a change, rather than make myself fit into the proverbial chains that mod-hood and forums in general can throw on a person...

But, like this chap, you can't keep a good villain down

Thanks for reading, and I shall see you around, I suppose!

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