Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Archangels: Part 3

One of the first models I ever got was the Captain Tycho model, which I admittedly ruined by dunking him into some gold paint (well, I may as well have done...). How could I not have a Tycho somewhere in my army..?

But there was a snag. Considering his fluff (angry, bloodthirsty, raging etc), the GW model looks as though they shoved a broom handle up his backside! I needed to fix this travesty...

Enter the multipurpose Sanguinary Guard (again)!

Firstly, the face was easy. Simply put a blob of GS onto his cheekbone, and flatten it out. Simples! The rest was to simply cut-and-paste bits together...
Paint-wise, I decided to go with red armour (shock! no gold?) simply because 
A: I dont see every BA captain in gold armour
B: I wanted him to "fit in" with regular squads. As it is, I often use him for a Sternguard Sergeant...

but without further ado:
The Phantom is reborn!

"cue organ music"


sooo, one more of the main command crew to go, well, one more "live" member of the command crew. There is one other chap as well...

till then!


  1. That hand is huge! Painting is great (oh and thatks for the bronze idea for the bolter - its looks great) but your painting is always great, so what are you going to do on the base to make him extra special?

  2. Whoa! Brings a whole new meaning to the term...

    [Insert Bad Word] - Slap! :P