Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tomb Kings: Incoming

As we know, the new Tomb King army book is out in May, and now "leaked" pictures are out too!

and they make me want to weep. My poor wallet! They are stunning!

Following the trend set by Lizardmen and Skaven, the new Warsphinx can be either a special choice, or a monstrous mount:

It is the only thing I am unsure about. It reminds me a little too much of the Black Ranger's panther zord, I dunno if its a good thing. The headdress is a little ostentatious too IMO...
Though, the new (presumably "this-kit-only") Tomb King is nice. Rather Necron-y.

The new Tomb Guard are awesome, though £25 for 10? Why GW, why?

I absolutely LOVE these next two. The Stalkers are straight out of Diablo 2:
compared to:

I cant be the only one who sees it? But I dont care! They look gorgeous. But not as good as:

Yep. Skeletons, riding Cobras. They are dynamic, pretty, look to be effective too, and best part? They both come in one plastic kit! I spy with my little eye, a simple magnetization at the midsection..?

Finally, the "whole shot"

Im excited. Also, looks like they arent bringing out new chariot kits or new skeletons (just yet anyway)...

Yeah, I want. 

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