Thursday, 2 June 2011

Tomb Kings Necrosphinx and WIP stage 1

I recently finished the first model for my new TK army, and in my own humble opinion, it is one of the finest models GW has made. Firstly, its size. Its huge! both taller and longer than a Land Raider, and it dwarfs almost anything on the battlefield (except the O+G Aracnarok spider). Secondly, the detail. You can do justice to this model simply by blocking colours and using washes to bring out detail, but if one were to go to town (as I tried to) you can make it truly special.

I built the model as standard, the only change I made was to change the right arm so it wasn;t at the same 90 degree angle as the other. One GW staffer, on seeing the change, actually thought his Sphinx kit was missing parts! lol

I neglected to take any WIP piccies of the beast, so this is largely from memory:
The body was a base of Deneb Stone foundation, then some Bestial Brown roughly done into all the recesses.
A drybrush of Deneb followed, then a DB of Bleached Bone.
Washes next, and gave a liberal coat or two of Gryphonne sepia.
I still wasnt totally happy though, so I proceeded to layer up from Bestial Brown to Bleached Bone/White mix.

The golds were started with Dwarf Bronze, then I gradually mixed in more and more Shining Gold, then a little Mithril Silver (till I was happy). An extreme highlight of Mithril was all that I did in the final stages.

The Blues were fun to do. Hawk Turquoise base, then simply added white and blended up! They are probably my favourite thing about it...

And, there we go! Oh, the base is one of Fantascape's Ancient Necropolis scenic bases, and they are beautiful things! I highly recommend, as they are not too "busy", and they dont take the eye away from the model, rather they set it off perfectly.

anyway, moar pics:


Now, onto the WIP stage of this post:
I have also been working on some obligatory TK chariots, but just base colours done so far:

and I also decided to build myself a BSB, using some of the bits I have left over from the Sphinx box. So far, this is what I have (pre-GS, still needs work to cover up joins and add "oomph")


Again, a Fantascape base, this time one of the Hero bases...

Comments/Questions/Criticism as usual...



  1. Why did you choose the skull head over the other on the sphinx?

    I'll be in the corner...


  2. Im not sure, I think it might have been because the Skull head made it look scarier, or less "monument to a man", more "statue for a God that would feth you the hell up"