Thursday, 4 August 2011

Archangels: Part 5

Every First Founding Legion has/had/has-in-some-strange-form a Primarch, and the Blood Angels are no exception. So, I set about getting my own Sanguinius (besides, you kind of HAVE to, really...

After some internet searching, I found this chap, Reaper Miniature's Avatar of Aurellius.

The first step was to file away the sleeves, and replace them with something more "power-armour-y". Then, a sword swap (an metal Grey Knight Terminator sword fit the bill nicely) and since the Sanguinary Guard use them, a wrist mounted bolter (hey if its good enough for them...)

you can see the arm re-sculpt
scale shot

It was still missing something, so I added in some Pre Heresy/old school Cadian style pads, and I sculpted a chest icon. Painting the model, I started from a Dwarf Bronze base, a Shining Gold highlight, then a Chestnut Ink wash, and a Gryphonne Sepia Wash wash.

Next, I built the gold up with progressive drybrushes and layers of gold, did the skin and the lion pelt

After that, the final details were done, and I had this:


Also, in my last post I mentioned that I would be undertaking my first commission, and well,  I have something to show for it by now. Here are my WIP shots of 5 tactical white scars:

Till next time,

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