Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New toys for the Vostroyan 7th! (and a WIP/finished commission)

Well, having been properly bitten by the Vostroyan bug, and before I even have my infantry painted, I decided to order something. My Air/Armoured cav has some incoming air support, in the form of the Puppetswar Dragonfly!

The Dragonfly

This little beauty will be a nice stand-in for the Vulture Gunship, and Im hoping, with a little kitbashing, I can arm it with tasty twin-linked punisher cannons too.

The thing that clinched it for me, this flyer is on sale! 30 euros, as opposed to the usual 35, which works out as free shipping.
I will be writing up a full review of the model when it arrives, but I have high expectations, given the companys track record...

As for the commission work, who doesnt like Squigs? Angry red fungus balls made of teeth, eyes and not much else, but rather expensive to buy from GW, especially when you need 50...
Here is a WIP shot of one, base milliput work just, legs and tongue to be added:

these are just simple reproductions, designed to be simple to reproduce and cast up, as they are for a small convention in the states.

And I recently completed pre-heresying up a StormEagle and Land Raider Proteus for a clients Alpha Legion army, along with 30 shoulder pads. The advantage of Pre Heresy is that the imagry from that time period isnt as "High Gothic/Ornamental" as the 41st millenium, and Alpha Legion even less so, geared as they are for insertion/stealth work. We reasoned that the AL wouldnt display their symbology everywhere and on every surface, hence the relatively unostentatious icons:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
All I will say from building these, is that if I never see a Storm Eagle again, I'll be a happy man...

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