Sunday, 3 February 2013

Veterans of the Vostroyan 7th (and their stolen ride)

Well, I figure before the new shiny toy arrives, I should show that some of the "Meat and Potatoes" (as my old friend Pat is wont to say) of the army is completed, in the form of a shiny veteran squad. well, when I say completed...

Vostroyan 7th, Blue Squad
"for Mother Rus-I mean, Vostrya!"

Standard veteran squad, here with an autocannon converted from the stock HB (simply done by adding an autocannon barrel to the bolter) and a re-purposed flamer now running as a meltagun. Shortly, I will be removing said autocannon and adding in two more meltaguns to make Blue Squad a pure meltavet squad.
The Chimera is stolen, as the white stripes and funky blue uplink denote it as belonging to the CCS, or it will do, when they are finished...

Photobucket Photobucket
Up next, a CCS and a Valkyrie, now off to paint them!
Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments, id love to hear them.


  1. First of all...

    *Looks around the stronghold... lets out a long whistle that fades off...*


    Second... it needs more corners though... I'll send over the Scotlings after you arrange a time.


    I like the paint scheme. No, I love the paint scheme!

    I'll be in distant corners painting a Scotling wizard if you need me... and writing up another match report...

    See you in other corners!


    1. cap'n, your corner advice is more than welcome!